What are Automatic Weather Stations?

News 04:02 February 2024:

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Automatic Weather Station Defined

This device is especially manufactured to gauge or regulate various meteorological parameters. It is essential to understand that it is constructed and precisely designed to stand the test of time, without any form of infrastructure and even under severe weather conditions.

In the same way, Automatic Weather Stations can be geared up with various sensors as per the specific requirements of consumers. Luckily, there are a plenty of distinct models that are designed with superior quality and are exceptional at measuring any sorts of environmental weatherconditions.

What are the specifications and benefits that Automatic Weather Stations can offer?

  • They typically come with personalized as well as individual sensors.
  • Fully customizable. This implies that you can choose the mounting that perfectly fits your regional or local requirements.
  • Consumers are guaranteed of high quality service from planning, getting consultations, setting up and servicing of the station.
  • You can ensure synthesis in current measuring networks and clear exhibition of the necessary data in web browser.
  • These are commonly outfitted with solar panel which is especially meant for what is so-called autark operation in high altitude regions with information logging as well as transmission of data.
  • Fully extensible. This means that optional and communications sensors could be possibly added later.

Fields of Application of Automatic Weather Stations

Over and above, this device can actually be utilized everywhere wherein an exhaustive picture of the local weather conditions is collected over a lengthy timeframe.

Some of those who will find automatic weather stations quite valuable to have include:

  • weather services
  • various environmental commissions
  • meteorologists
  • avalanche warning services

It is significant to note that they are also employed to safeguard considerable infrastructure like rail lines as well as roads.

How are Automatic Weather Stations Implemented?

Such device could be delivered as an extensive solution, set up and activated. What is more, premium quality parts and materials ensure outstanding operation for a longer period of time. Meanwhile, the so-called “decentral stations” are linked with a fundamental data collection or stores the information in a unified logger.

It is interesting to know that a GPRS/GSM connection could be set up on the station. The fundamental option is an AWS that comes with collecting, gauging, transmitting, transferring, visualizing and archiving the gauging outcomes.

Apart from the individual sensors, an energy supply by means of solar panel, 5 m mast designed with climbing shield and rungs that is hot-galvanized, they also come with switch cabinet that has information logger and lightning shield that is set up as a standard.

Configuring Automatic Weather Stations

Please be guided that the individual configuration of the station is in accordance with the measurement requirements as well as local needs.

That said, consumers need to decide about the following:

  • Mobile station on car trailer
  • Special constructions, snow measuring spot and wind measuring spot
  • A transportable station. This must be efficient in energy consumption, solid and on tripod.
  • The mast height is 1… 10 m
  • Unification of the weather station in current gauging networks
  • Weather station that is appropriate for higher demands
  • Weather station consolidated with discharge measurement or water level measurement
  • Fortified alpine model for severe weather conditions

When it comes to setting up, servicing and support in terms of investing in Automatic Weather Conditions, you have to take the following considerations in mind:

  • Only deal with manufacturers or firms that employ a team of well-experienced and highly qualified service technicians.


  • They must be more than willing to offer services such as the setting up procedure, training as well as ensuring continuous servicing of the stations.


  • Look for aid and support when it comes to operation in high altitude regions where setting up with the aid of helicopters is not infrequently done.


  • It is highly recommended to opt for companies or manufacturers that have been in the field for long years are renowned and highly acclaimed for outstanding construction and setting up of weather stations in mountainous regions.

The reason behind this is because in so doing you will be guaranteed of the best customer support that you especially require when it comes to automatic weather stations.